Print  /  British Council Brussels

Booklet 16 pages, 170 × 240 mm
Visual identity, graphic design
and production up to final proof, 2006-2013

Belgo-British Conference Programmes
History and Reconciliation: Engaging a New Generation, London 2013
A Belgo-British Dialogue: Two Countries, How Many Europes, Brussels 2012
Employment and Growth: Comparing UK and Belgian Policies Within the Europe 2020 Framework, London 2011
Player or Spectator? Europe in Tomorrows's World, Brussels 2010
Innovating Our Way Out of the Crisis, London 2009
Natural Resources: Challenges and Opportunities, Brussels 2008
Bridges across the Channel, London 2007
Globalisation and the Citizen, Brussels 2006

8 booklets in English
Client: British Council Brussels

+ BBC folders with inside flaps
+ BBC notebooks with inside flaps

+ Eu & Me
+ New Young Europeans catalogue
+ New Young Europeans exhibitions